ASIFA or Association Internationale du Film d'Animation is a member organization started in France in 1960 for animation artists and now has 35 chapters around the world. Logo rebranding transitioning from ASIFA-Atlanta expanding to ASIFA-SOUTH. Keeping the same logo structure but updating it with pops of color (main #00979A and #CA1F62. Made a couple of variations for different usage/ background color but mainly worked to simplify the logo to be quickly recognizable and simple. 

Rotation Banner Designs with a consistent look in color usage and typeface but with slight variation and color accents throughout to keep it fun.

ASIFA-SOUTH Responsive website with a clean and chic look with illustrations to add some zing and pop because our main organization is about animation.  Main upcoming events are 3 rotational banners on the front.  In Progress: Original:

Filmmaker's got their own badges and so did ASIFA members for the RYO event

Mockups for the Website, Tabloid and Phone screen displays