Portrait Illustrations of Indian Freedom Fighters made for stamps

This project was extremely vital and fun, words that usually don't go together for most jobs. These illustrations are a combination of traditional and digital techniques. With a ton of references, a sketch was drafted using hatching techniques. Next, I created various textures using watercolors, acrylics, salts, newspaper prints and gouaches. With the help of these techniques, textured brushes were created on Photoshop that helped give these illustrations a vintage look as they are illustrations of Indian Freedom fighters who helped achieve India's independence. 

Mahatma Gandhi Portrait

Bal Gangadhar Tilak Portrait

Bhagat Singh Portrait

comp 1.jpg

Process: After the first step of cross-hatched sketches for each portrait, the sketches were scanned in and then a bunch of textures and brushes were overlayed on them. Later, newspaper prints were scanned and masked over these sketches.