Stories of Baba Yaga have been famous for centuries in the Slavic folklore. Baba Yaga, a supernatural and a ferocious looking woman has been flying on her mortar in every child's dreams. These illustrations were based on the first chapter when a sweet little girl Vasilisa encounters Baba Yaga.

Main Illustration : Baba Yaga with Vasilisa

Spot Illustration : Vasilisa with her burning skull torch

Letter Illustration : Letter 'B' for Baba Yaga

The Slavic folklore based on Baba Yaga has many tales and chapters that has been scaring and spooking children all across the Eastern Europe for centuries. These illustrations were created for one such story which describes the brave journey of a sweet girl named Vasilisa. 

Main illustration : Vasilisa with her burning skill torch

Spot Illustration : Vasilisa's Doll

Letter Illustration : Letter 'V' for Vasilisa